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A remedy for COVID-19? Why the dying charges is low in Germany?

No American has to die on COVID-19, a US number one care physician from Houston, Texas claims. Her remedy plan is supported via ongoing Swiss research and printed via the  Swiss Coverage Analysis . The good fortune can also be documented within the low price of fatalities in Germany.

On April 20 eTurboNews reported in regards to the fear via Swiss Professor Vogt,  a Cardiac and thoracic Vascular Surgical procedure Specialist who attempted to  display the screw ups in having a look on the virus.

Germany has executed neatly with COVID-19 in comparison to many different international locations within the area, however what’s sudden is the reasonably low dying price. The United States has five instances as many of us useless, Belgium nearly eight instances, and the United Kingdom 7 instances. The USA State New York had 16 instances as many of us useless in line with a share of the inhabitants. This comparability is per-centage in line with 1 million inhabitants, so it may be when put next.

Why is the dying price in Germany so low in comparison to others?  eTurboNews talked to a clinical skilled in Germany concerned within the remedy of Coronavirus. She or he didn’t wish to be named however stated there’s a reason why for it. Stored as an inside secret the remedy protocol within the Federal Republic of Germany seems to be very other from different areas.

211,060 infections, 395 new circumstances as of late, 9226 useless, together with two extra as of late. That is the COVID-19 state of affairs in Germany.2,518  Germans out of one million had the virus, and 110 out of 1,000,000 died.

Those are unhappy numbers, however when put next with neighboring Belgium, 849 folks out of 1,000,000 died with  five,930 inflamed. The United Kingdom counts for 680 fatalities out of 1,000,000 with four,475 inflamed out of 1,000,000.

The US recently counts according to million for 14,344 circumstances with 475 useless.

Germany’s unpublished remedy protocol used to be additionally adopted via Dr. Stella, a number one care doctor in Houston, Texas who went to university in Nigeria. She claimed in public that “No American has to die” She added: “There’s a remedy for COVID-19.” eTurboNews has observed the video along with her remark. It used to be got rid of via Fb and YouTube for “spreading knowledge this is in opposition to WHO pointers.”

Immunological and serological research display that the general public broaden no signs or best gentle signs when inflamed with the brand new coronavirus, whilst some folks would possibly enjoy a extra pronounced or crucial process the illness.

In keeping with the to be had clinical proof and present medical enjoy, the SPR Collaboration recommends that physicians and government believe the next Covid-19 remedy protocol for the early remedy of folks at excessive menace or excessive publicity (see references under).

In keeping with this and really an identical protocols, US physicians reported an 84% lower in hospitalization charges, a 50% lower in mortality charges amongst already hospitalized sufferers (if handled early), and an development within the situation of sufferers incessantly inside hours.

This knowledge have been printed within the Swiss Coverage Analysis. It’s vital that sufferers are prompt to seek the advice of a health care provider earlier than imposing one of these protocol.

Remedy protocol

  1. Zinc (75mg to 100mg according to day)
  2. Hydroxychloroquine (400mg according to day)
  3. Quercetin (500mg to 1000mg according to day)
  4. Azithromycin (as much as 500mg according to day)
  5. Heparin (standard dosage)

The principle element is zinc, which inhibits RNA polymerase task of coronaviruses and thus blocks virus replication (see references under). Hydroxychloroquine and quercetin toughen the mobile absorption of zinc. Azithromycin prevents bacterial superinfections. Heparin prevents infection-related thromboses and embolisms in sufferers in danger.

Be aware: Quercetin could also be used along with or instead of HCQ. Contraindications for HCQ (e.g. favism or middle issues) and azithromycin should be noticed.

Further notes

The early remedy of sufferers once the primary conventional signs seem or even with out a PCR check is very important to stop development of the illness. Zinc, HCQ and quercetin will also be used prophylactically for folks at excessive menace or excessive publicity (e.g. for well being care employees).

Against this, setting apart inflamed high-risk sufferers at house and with out early remedy till they broaden critical respiration issues, as incessantly came about right through lockdowns, could also be damaging.

The alleged or exact detrimental effects with hydroxychloroquine in some research have been in line with behind schedule use (in depth care sufferers), over the top doses (as much as 2400mg according to day), manipulated information units (the Surgisphere scandal), or omitted contraindications (e.g., favism or middle illness).

Early remedy in line with the above protocol is meant to steer clear of hospitalization. If hospitalization however turns into vital, skilled ICU medical doctors counsel averting invasive air flow (intubation) every time conceivable and the use of oxygen treatment (HFNC) as a substitute.

It’s possible that the above remedy protocol, which is understated, protected and affordable, may render extra advanced drugs, vaccinations, and different measures in large part out of date.


The truth that HCQ is valuable in opposition to infections with SARS coronaviruses used to be already established in 2005 at some point of the SARS-1 epidemic. That zinc blocks the RNA replication of coronaviruses used to be found out in 2010 via Ralph Baric, one of the most international’s main SARS virologists. That HCQ helps the mobile uptake of zinc used to be found out in 2014 within the context of most cancers analysis. That the flavonoid quercetin additionally helps the mobile uptake of zinc used to be additionally found out in 2014.




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