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Absolute best SD Reminiscence Playing cards for DJI Mavic 2 Professional & Zoom

As small because the micro SD card is within your drone, it if truth be told performs a large phase in getting the shot and your general flying revel in. 

The Mavic 2 Professional is in a position to generating some superb footage and movies, however for those who don’t have the precise reminiscence card it is advisable be dropping high quality or looking forward to your reminiscence card to complete writing ahead of flying. 

I assumed I had just right sufficient reminiscence vehicles for my Mavic 2 Professional, however each time there used to be a actually epic shot and I used to be taking numerous footage – I needed to look ahead to my sd card to complete writing ahead of taking some other photograph or beginning a video.

I’ve examined and compiled a listing of the most productive sd playing cards available on the market for the Mavic 2 Professional.  I’ve two of those drones and actually fly them for a dwelling. Here’s what I discovered on my quest for the most productive reminiscence for drones. 

When you find yourself on the lookout for the most productive the sphere briefly narrows right down to only a handful of SD playing cards which can be speedy sufficient to your drone. 

Absolute best SD Playing cards for Mavic 2 Professional and Zoom

SD Card Sort Write Velocity Learn Velocity Value (64GB) Test Availability
SanDisk Excessive Professional UHS-I, Elegance three, V30 90mbps 170mbps $15.89 Test Costs
Kingston Canvas Move UHS-I, Elegance three, V30 90mbps (128GB most effective) 170mbps $25.99 (128GB) Test Costs
Lexar 1066x UHS-I, Elegance three, V30 120mbps* 160mbps* $19.99 Test Costs
SanDisk Excessive UHS-I, Elegance three, V30 60mbps 90mbps $13.99 Test Costs

What issues maximum when opting for an SD card for a drone is velocity. Extra in particular you want the quickest imaginable WRITE SPEED. Maximum playing cards put at the label the learn velocity which is most often sooner than write.

Then again, we’re on the lookout for write velocity as a result of this is what’s going to get that epic drone shot recorded directly to the sd card quickest and on on your subsequent shot. For essentially the most phase, with regards to your sd card READ SPEED DOES NOT MATTER!

Trying out The most efficient-rated SD Playing cards for Drones

Reminiscence card producers like to assert the quickest speeds imaginable, however time and again in actual existence the playing cards can by no means achieve the desired speeds – so I examined them. 

I examined all of those playing cards the use of the Black Magic Disk Velocity Take a look at which is well known as a high quality benchmark when checking out disk velocity for video enhancing paintings. 

A couple of issues to notice on my exams:

  • I examined them on my pc which has an SD card reader rated for 480mbps, which will have to be enough.
  • My pc most effective has a full-size SD card reader so I had to make use of the adapter that used to be supplied with each and every card. This will have to no longer theoretically be a topic, however the drone doesn’t use the adapter so the check isn’t best, however will have to be correct sufficient to select a winner. 

Drone SD Card Take a look at Effects

SanDisk Excessive Professional Actual Existence Speeds

  • Indexed Learn Velocity: 160mbps vs. Exact Examined Learn Velocity: 88.4mbps
  • Indexed Write Velocity: 90mbps vs. Exact Examined Write Velocity: 80.4mbps

Kingston Canvas Move (128GB) Actual Existence Speeds

  • Indexed Learn Velocity: 170mbps vs. Exact Examined Learn Velocity: 89.6mbps
  • Indexed Write Velocity: 90mbps vs. Exact Examined Write Velocity: 80.5mbps

Lexar 1066x Actual Existence Speeds

  • Indexed Learn Velocity: 160mbps vs. Exact Examined Learn Velocity: 97.8mbps
  • Indexed Write Velocity: 120mbps vs. Exact Examined Write Velocity: 77.8mbps

SanDisk Excessive Actual Existence Speeds

  • Indexed Learn Velocity: 90mbps vs. Exact Examined Learn Velocity: 88.3mbps
  • Indexed Write Velocity: 60mbps vs. Exact Examined Write Velocity: 59.2mbps

Absolute best practices for SD Card Garage with Drones

Trade your playing cards with each flight – In 6 years of flying and hundreds of flights, I’ve most effective misplaced 2 drones. I will be able to inform you, up to it stings to lose a drone – dropping pictures hurts even worse. Someplace crashed alongside HWY 1 in California sits a drone with an sd card stuffed with epic whale pictures that I may have safely had in my archives if I’d have simply modified the reminiscence card between flights. 

Get an SD Card Jacket and feature a garage machine – When I’m flying my drones I love to stay it easy. I’ve an SD card jacket and I get started the day with empty playing cards, the ones playing cards cross into the jacket the usual means with the aspect that will get inserted first going through down. Once I fill the cardboard I position it in there the other way up so I comprehend it has pictures on it and I don’t grasp it for some other flight. 

Have as many SD playing cards as you may have drone batteries (or extra) – Having an sd card for each battery you may have you give your self then you’ll simply switch them out between flights. However in case you are like me and feature a price to your Mavic 2 professional for the auto you might have considered trying much more playing cards. 

Structure your SD Playing cards – While you first use the cardboard and periodically (or each time in case you are actually OCD about it) the use of the DJI GO4 app. One of the simplest ways to structure your playing cards to verify compatibility and velocity is to structure them with the similar app you fly with. See at once beneath on easy methods to structure your reminiscence playing cards. 

The best way to structure the SD card at the DJI Mavic 2 Professional:

  • Startup and attach your drone and get started the DJI Go4 App
  • Input the digicam view or customary flight mode
  • Press the icon with the 3 sliders situated instantly below the shutter/report button at the right-hand middle of the display screen. 
  • Click on the settings equipment ⚙ that looks at the menu pop-out
  • Scroll down till you spot “Structure SD Card” 
  • Following those units guarantees you may have a card this is correctly formatted to your drone and the SD Card could have the optimum efficiency. 


Mavic 2 Professional SD Card FAQ:

Q: Does the Mavic 2 Professional use UHS-II SD Playing cards?

A: No, the Mavic 2 does no longer make stronger UHS-II Playing cards. Spending the additional cash on those micro SD Playing cards is not going to assist velocity when inserted within the Mavic 2. UHS-II protocol makes use of two units of contacts which this drone doesn’t. The additional velocity in the usII comes from having a 2d “bus” which your drone doesn’t so it is going to simply keep up a correspondence over the one bus providing you with UHS-I speeds,  so save your cash. 

Q: How large of a reminiscence card do I would like for my Mavic 2 Professional?

A: 64GB or 32GB. I’ve essentially used 32GB playing cards and on a unmarried flight I’ve NEVER crammed one up whilst taking pictures the absolute best settings RAW footage and 4k. Then again, after researching, checking out, and upgrading all of my drone reminiscence playing cards I now have all 64GB SD Playing cards – however that’s most effective as a result of they’re like $1-2 greater than the 32GB playing cards. There’s no want for 128GB or extra – trade your playing cards out between flights, I will be able to say it sufficient. Plus in lots of instances, two 64GB playing cards are simply as reasonable as one 128GB.

Q: What’s the greatest reminiscence card the Mavic 2 Professional can take?

A: The Mavic 2 Professional and Zoom, in line with DJI Specifications can helps as much as 128GB SD Playing cards, will have to be UHS-I, Velocity Elegance three. 

Q: Does the Mavic 2 Professional have interior Garage?

A: Sure, the Mavic 2 Professional has 8GB of interior garage. The inner garage is in a position to the absolute best recording settings to be had at the drone. Then again, 8GB isn’t sufficient for even a unmarried flight for many customers, it’s meant for use with an SD Card. At the certain aspect, this can be a nice fail-safe in case your SD card is complete mid-flight otherwise you forgot to put in one ahead of the flight (it occurs to the most productive people) you’ll nonetheless get the shot. Simply know that the pictures then lives most effective at the interior garage till you obtain it. 

Q: Does Mavic 2 Professional include an SD card?

A: No, you will have to acquire SD playing cards one after the other to your drone. 

Q: Is SanDisk Extremely or Excessive or Excessive Professional higher?

A: SanDisk Excessive Professional is the most productive and the reminiscence card we advise for the Mavic 2. Excessive Professional is best than the Excessive and Extremely is the slowest. Each SanDisk Excessive and Excessive Professional SD Playing cards will paintings smartly with the Mavic 2, alternatively, the Excessive Professional will spend much less time looking forward to the buffer to transparent and extra recording time in line with flight. A SanDisk Extremely card is not going to make stronger the absolute best recordings at the Mavic 2, the drone provides you with a caution for those who attempt to use this sort of card. 

Q: The place does the SD card cross on Mavic Professional 2?

A: The reminiscence card is inserted into the Mavic 2 at the backside of the drone on what’s the correct aspect when having a look on the drone laying on its again. The SD slot is situated below a weather-resistant rubber flap. The cardboard is inserted with the broadcast face up when the drone is mendacity on its again. 

How do I put an SD card in my Mavic Professional 2?

  • The Reminiscence card will also be inserted and adjusted with the drone powered on, alternatively, it’s higher follow to show off the drone ahead of placing a reminiscence card. 
  • Flip the drone on its again with the battery going through down on a flat floor.
  • Open the rubber flap at the correct aspect of the drone whilst it’s set on its again. 
  • Insert the SD card into the drone with the broadcast aspect of the sd card up and metal contacts going through down – push in till it clicks in.
  • The cardboard can most effective be put in a method, if it doesn’t cross the entire means in, flip it over and reinsert it. 
  • Change the rubber flap and get in a position to fly. 
  • Prior to commencing remember to take a look at the DJI GO app to verify the drone correctly acknowledges the sd card ahead of commencing. 

If in case you have just right mild and superb issues going down, or the battery clock is ticking – there is not any time to look ahead to sluggish reminiscence playing cards. 

If you happen to aren’t pushing your drone to the bounds of symbol high quality it’s possible you’ll no longer even know you may have the incorrect SD card, however because you discovered this text you almost certainly wish to get the most productive pictures imaginable from your Mavic. I’m hoping you discovered this useful for those who did percentage it together with your drone buddies!

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